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2019 Church Diary


Our Sunday services are normally at Forest Community Church, Station Street, Cinderford, Gloucestershire, GL14 2JT and our speaker will usually be Pastor Tim Cracknell, unless otherwise stated.  To find us and know where to park, use the address: Parragate Road, Cinderford, Glos., GL14 2LY.


Friday 26th April: Men's Bible study on Friday evenings from 7.30pm - 9.30pm at the Church. For further information please contact Scott Taylor 07429146928


Next Sunday 28th April:

Prayer meeting at 9.45am at FCC, Station Street.

Morning service at FCC, at 10.30am.

Message by Tim Cracknell.


10th – 12th May Fun Weekend with the Harknetts, see more information here.


Saturday 22nd June: We are going to have an outreach event in the Triangle starting at 10.30am called The Big Triangle Giveaway. We would love everyone from the church to be involved so please reserve this date in your diary and look out for further notices. Contact Tim Cracknell for more information.


29th June Counties Family Day at Trac, Newent.


14th - 24th September Tour of Israel, led by John and Ruth Sutcliffe who are good friends of Tim and Katrina. Brochures are available from Tim if you are interested.


Link to Lizzie's blog about when she was away on her mission trip to Motherwell in Scotland, Swansea in Wales and Tamil Nadu in southern India:

Verse of the week:

"That Sunday evening the disciples were meeting behind locked

   doors because they were afraid of the Jewish leaders.

   Suddenly, Jesus was standing there among them!

   “Peace be with you,” he said."                           John 20:19 (NLT)

Pat tells us about the Tear Fund Quiz happening on Saturday 17th November.


Abigail has clearly been missing her sister Lizzie whilst she has been away on her mission trip  09/12/18

Vesper-Mae and Esmae join Mum Aderyn on the stage for the worship song "You are mighty" 02/12/18