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Churches Together in Cinderford & Littledean


The nine Churches in the area have a great partnership serving our community together with different styles and priorities enabling all the work of the Kingdom to get done.

We value regular times of fellowship with all the other Church leaders and our congregations join together on a periodic basis to maximise our impact within the community as we serve the Lord Jesus Christ.


To date we have enjoyed working together on :-

Joint Sunday Service where we all come together once a year on a Sunday morning for worship.


Good Friday march of witness through the town – This starts

usually at Lidles, with a hymn. We then march through the

town to a single drum beat, to the triangle in the centre of

the town. There we have a selection of prayers, readings

and hymns. Following this we march to the Co-Op where

we have a final round of prayers, readings and hymns.

We end the day in the Methodist hall for hot soup and a roll.

In the summer we often have an “on the move” outreach,

based in the triangle where all the Churches send along

musicians and singers for an open air sing along. This is

supported either with a BBQ, or cakes and coffee, which

gives Christians the opportunity to share their faith with

passers-by. These are well received by the folk of Cinderford and are enjoyed by the Churches.

At Christmas we have carols in the triangle often supported by church musicians, a live brass band or the band from the Salvation Army.

This again gives Christians the chance to share the real meaning of Christmas with the town.





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