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Tim and Katrina Cracknell receive

great encouragement from being

part of “Counties”, which is a network

of people and resources who are

seeking to make Jesus known so

that individuals experience life in

all its fullness.


Counties people (Evangelists) work locally - often in a county or alongside a church; several have a national brief. Some work with young people others among the marginalised or in education. It’s difficult to describe a typical Counties Evangelist as each develops a work that plays to their strength. However, ‘making Jesus known’ is the heartbeat of each Counties Evangelist.


Counties resources, which include exhibitions, publications and courses, equip individuals and churches to be more effective in their own faith sharing activities.

At present there are 27 Counties Evangelists along with a further 19 who, although over retirement age, are still actively involved in the work. Counties also provides training for potential Evangelists.


Counties website for more info.