Peru - February 2010


A team of 4 people went to Trujillo which is on the coast is 30 metres above sea level.  Trujillo has a population of almost 1,000,000 people and is the third biggest city of Peru.

The team :-

• Got to see first hand the work that missionaries Pam & Rich Harknett, are involved in as they equip the local christians in the Word of God for lives of service. The Harknett's are supported by us as a Church and it was a great joy to visit them on the mission field.

• Helped to run a 4 day residential “Kids Camp”

• Held various meetings with young people, women and Church services.

• Visited a women’s prison and spoke to some of the prisoners

• Helped with some practical work – Painting and decorating of class rooms at the bible school.


A quote from one of the team members – “We've just returned to Trujillo after our camping expedition. In the end we didn't have to sleep in tents - we had a little house to stay in which was very basic (no loo seat and a cold shower which looked like you'd get out dirtier than when you got in it!) but at least we had somewhere to sit and chat in the evenings and when we had some free time”.

Rwanda July 2009 A small team went out to Rwanda from 18th - 31st July 2009 to support the work that Peter and Jenny Andrews are involved in across the troubled country. This was an opportunity to explore areas that we as a Church could get involved in for the future.


The team :-

• Met the sponsored children in their families

• Gave out gifts from containers and luggage

• Visited the impressive Church skills centre for adults

• Took part in church services

• Visited the Rwandan Genocide Museu

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Top - Richard, Pam & Lucas Harknett, missionaries we support in Peru.

Team from FoDCC serving at a kids camp.

Our team with prison guards as we serve in a women’s prison.

Bottom left - Katrina with one of the children at the camp.