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Thank you letters from the Philippines

Letters - January 2016 - download pdf here.


Philippines December 2013

Norlie's family went to the Philippines.


Philippines April 2011 – May 2011

On 10th April to 1st May 2011 Norlie's family and Jonathan from
the FODCC went to the Philippines.


This was a smaller trip to a new area called Rio Chico, near Manila. Norlie and his family took Jonathan along with them and engaged in similar activities to the other trips, with an emphasis on supporting local churches in the area where Norly had been brought up.


Philippines December 2009 – January 2010

This time a team of 6 people went out taking with them “First Timers” Duncan and Linda Murray. Duncan would be taking the role Pastor Tim usually did by doing most of the talks and conferences.


In addition to the usual things the teams did this time the team introduced:-

• Giving away vegetable seeds and flower seeds to support local rural people.

• There were several “Glasses clinics” held, with simple sight tests and giving away reading glasses.

• The trip ended on the last day with a baptism
of 18 young people from a church the team visited
early on in the trip.


Philippines November 2008 – December 2009

The church sent out a smaller team this time of just
5 people from 24th November - 11th December to
build on the work started in 2007.


The team:-

• Were able to preach at a Pastors conference.

• Visited some of the Churches that the Forest of Dean Community Church have financed to be built and met up with most of the eighteen Pastors that we support financially each month from across the region.


It was a thrilling time for the team to see young people who first trusted Christ during the visit the previous year, now training at the Bible School to become Christian workers and missionaries. During the visit they were able to distribute support to the two orphanages and train and equip the Pastors and key workers from the many new Churches.


Philippines December 2007 – January 2008

The church supports several “Pastors” who are connected to I.C.L.C (International Christian Leadership Connections).  As well as supporting the work in Mindanao, Church members visit the area to support in practical ways.


In December 2007 Gary & Cheryl Twist led a team of 23 people from the Forest of Dean to engage in missions work in the southern region of Mindanao. This rural area is predominantly Roman Catholic with a significant radicalised Islamic population. Evangelical Churches are few in number so the aim was to support the work of "Connections" who are engaged in Church planting across the region. Founded by the late Pastor Boni Sembran and now run by his son Joshua and Mrs Odette Sembran they have planted dozens of Churches over the last 30 years and now have 170 Churches that come under their umbrella for fellowship, encouragement and training.


The Teams engage in :-

• Pastors and youth conferences               • Working with Bible students and orphans

• Feeding stations for the needy                • Medical missions

• Church services, to support Pastors in mostly poor rural areas