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Sunday 23rd September

We will be having a Prayer Time at 9.45am before the service.

There will be Morning service at FCC at 10.30am with speaker Mike Taylor:

40 days of grace - part 2.



7.30pm 40 days Reflection / Prayer Evening


Grace memory verse song - download mp3

Words for above - download pdf

This memory verse song will be part of our worship each Sunday

during the 40 days of grace.

Thanks to Fiona (composer), Nataley and Daniel (performers)

and Katrina (help with words based on Titus 2 v 11).


Message titles:

Tim Cracknell: "Preparation for 40 Days of Grace" download audio and notes.

Week 1 "The shock of grace" - speaker Mike Taylor download audio and notes.

Week 2 "But not for me" - speaker Mike Taylor

Week 3 "The lure of legalism" - speaker Mike Taylor

Week 4 "Abusing grace: what about works?" - speaker Tim Cracknell

                                      (including harvest celebration in the service)

Week 5 "Showing grace to others" - speaker Mike Taylor

Week 6 "What grace costs" - speaker Tim Cracknell





Events Team:


Nataley performs

the memory verse

song - 09/09/18


Pat Byett 16/09/18: download audio.